need help with quick change?

Well.. you have come to the right place. Not only are Keelan and Charlotte the UK's only professional Quick Change Act, they also offer consultancy on some quick change projects.

recent consultancy projects

The UK's Quick Change Artists, Keelan and Charlotte, were involved in launching the All new Fiesta for Ford Motor Company. The couple were head hunted by an Agent working closely to Ford on the launch of the brand new style Fiesta. Ford wanted something extra special for the launch which debuted in Beijing Motorshow in April 2007. They thought the concept would fit well with the style of the new car, bright colours and ready for every ocassion. The project was carried out with a very tight time scale, but turned out an incredible success. Ford, then went on to use the same Quick Change Act in Madrid and London Motorshows. The project involved making quick change costumes for four dancers as well as training them up to perform the act in less than three months. Ford were delighted with the results.